Plant Id- Dieffenbachia hybrid?

LittleLithop(4a)March 7, 2013

I adopted this beautiful plant recently and can not find it anywhere online. I always ask whoever is there about plant care, light requirements, toxicity (kitty), etc. I wasn't listening very well this time.

Sooo, what I can remember from the conversation we had is; diffused light, starts with d maybe, award winning and they just got it in, keep moist but not too wet, standard soil mix, tropical. I have a few dieffenbachia and love there easy to care for nature and looking at the stem structure I would say it is a dieffenbachia but I have never seen one with such dark pink stems or foliage.
Its in quarentine now in the green room (when we moved in last year all the walls where green, 2 shades with a 3rd shade of green carpet. We also have a blue and purple room..I digress) and I will be repotting in an orchid soil mix 1/2 and 1/2 with a med grade fir bark. Do you think that will work?
Anyone have any guesses or knowledge on my new little friend? Can you blame me for just wanting something with color? Any help would be great and I cam add more pictures if need be. Thank you!

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Maybe it is an Aglaonema?

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I can answer my own question! Hahaha
Aglaonema, Lipstick - Siam Aurora

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If I am not mistaken, I believe the colored varieties require more lighting than their all green counterparts.


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