Rotting A. paeoniifolius tuber!

flycatchersMarch 6, 2007


I got a fairly large dormant A. paeoniifolius tuber from Thailand late last year. It has been kept under the staging in my frost free greenhouse this winter (min 50f temps). I have checked it regulary and it had seemed ok. Now I have found a couple of rotten areas on it. I have scraped them off and am finding it much deeper than expected :( I am removing more and more tuber and here was I thinking that this was one of the easy ones to grow!! Apart from removing as much as I can and then letting it dry out with sulpher dust applied is there anything else I can do? As the tuber had seemed so healthy when I got it, where have I gone wrong? Kept it too dry!!

Any advice welcome... I am in the UK by the way.



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This type of rot is apparently common on paeonioflius. I normally have rot on mine during their winter dormancy. I take a sharp knife and cut into the bulb until clear of the rot then coat the area with a dry antifungal such as rootone. Think of the tubers as potatoes. If you leave them alone for several months they'l rot too. Look in the aroid gallery under "amorph peony pic" and you see one of mine.

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Thanks for your reply. I had been cutting large pieces out and coating it with sulpher dust. But the rot kept on coming back and have had to accept that the whole tuber is dead.
Where do you store yours when they are dormant? I had hoped that keeping them in a frost free greenhouse would have been ok. But as you say you might expect a potatoe to rot if left for months, so its not so surprising just disappointing. :(



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I looked at mine this weekend. I just stored in a cardboard box in my garage. 3 had no rot, 1, the largest, was about 20% rotted. In the past I have stored them in brown paper bags or buried in pure peat moss. Similar results with each method. I would expect best results being on a rack with good dry air circulation ~50 - 60F.

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