Where to buy Thailand Giant

Ruth_MI(z5MI)March 2, 2012

Every year I like to try something "different," so this year I might try Colocasia gigantea Thailand Giant Strain. Because I'm zone 5, my season won't be as long, so I'd like to start with a decent-sized plant if possible.

I see Plant Delights has them, and could order there. But does anyone have a favorite vendor I might be happier with? Thanks!

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eclayne(Z6a, MA)

Brians Botanicals also sells them.

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Thanks, eclayne. I actually stumbled across that site after posting my request, but good to hear about it here, and makes me feel more confident ordering. They had something else I was looking for too!

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Hi Ruth,

I just got mine from Wellspring Gardens on ebay plus three others for $4.99 each plus shipping. They are small plants but Colocasias grow super fast with heat and lots of water and food. PDN is expensive and their shipping charges are ridiculous. I do buy from them but only plants I can't get elsewhere.


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Thanks Johnsp - I ended up ordering from both Wellspring and Brian's Botanicals!

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You are very welcome Ruth. Never ordered from Brian but I think you will be pleased with the plants from Wellspring.


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I'm in zone 5 too (WI) and am also trying thailand giant this year! Hoping it grows fast and big for me. I bought one privately from a guy in CA who I saw on bananas.com and he gave me quite a large plant to start off with....it's potted and doing well in a sunny doorway in my basement right now. Eager to see how we do!

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Good luck with your new acquisition from CA. Just remember with this Colocasia not to let it sit in water like the esculenta cultivars but do keep it moist. It does not like wet feet. It does appreciate some shade during high noon if you live in an area with really hot summers, however in zone 5 you should be ok with it in full sun all day.


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