calla lilies blooming times

claudosu(z7 OK)March 23, 2005

What is the blooming time for calla lilies, the package says May-September, so does that mean that they continously bloom for that period of time or that they can bloom once anytime during the summer?

Also, the package says full sun to partial shade, but In Oklahoma the sun is terrible during the summer. Would I then put them in a shadier spot as the summer progresses?

Thank you for any responses, I want to have some cool calla lilies to be healthy and such.

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Cat_Gal(z10, S. CA)

Our callas (we've got the regular ol' white ones, but I don't think colors make much of a difference in this case) bloom during the winter and spring. The rest of the year, they are in their dormant period and do not bloom (at least in my experience). It's best to keep them in partial shade. We have kept them in full sun during the summers (but I live in California) and they are okay that way, too. During growth periods, they like lots of water. (Mother is an overwaterer and they just love her- they've rebloomed every year for the past 5 or so years.) Aside from my rambling, hope this helps,

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claudosu(z7 OK)

Well, here in Oklahoma they wouln't really survive during the middle of winter, even in dormant state. However, I guess in order to match the winter temperatures you guys have in California, then that means that the calla lily is a may-june flowering plant here (before the evil hell on earth that is mid and late summer Oklahoma).

I tried calla lilies last year and they didn't do well, in the spring I had them in a shady apartment so a couple bloomed but during the summer I put them in afternoon sun and they died. I didn't know why, maybe they got too hot or something. It's been my observation that during the summer, some plants that can live full/partial shade should be put in partial shade to dappled shade during Oklahoma summers.

Did your foliage remain after it stopped blooming though? I think they have nice leaves and are cool as a plain foliage plant.

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vossner(z9 houston)

myu experience with calla is same as Cat Gal. I grow Green Goddess and put out blooms in early Jan and continuing right now. Did nothing last summer. Planted in part shade in houston, texas. Will be planting more next year since they've done well for me. hope this helps

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Ann_in_Houston(z9 Houston)

vossner, do you think they will do well in our morning sun? I have a spot on the NE side of my house. I just found out that the ones I have in my pond are not the right kind for that. I will be moving them tomorrow.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I have a friend who grows wonderful callas in OKC. She has them on the east side of the house as well as in dappled shade under trees. Hers have wintered over and multiplied very well! I'm trying some this year, I hope I don't kill them immediately!

Good luck.


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honeybunny442(z6 TN)

What is the name of the variety

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claudosu(z7 OK)

Ummm... yellow.

I think it's Z. ELLIOTIANA X MACULATA HYBRID from what I keep seeing on websites.
Can't be nothing too exotic, just bought it at lowes.

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honeybunny442(z6 TN)

OK, now we are getting somewhere. Other calla lily researchers, you should always mention the variety or color, it makes a difference!
Claudosu, that will be a beautiful large cup shaped flower, very pretty! If you plant it in the ground if will take about 9 weeks to the first flower, and the peak flowering will get from 10-11 weeks. (The peak flowering refers to bulbs that have been chemically treated to promote flowering)

If you plant it in a pot, it will be the same amount of time.
Of course, your growing conditions or weather will affect the flowering time.
Good luck, it will be a beauty!

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Planted my calla lilies 2 years ago... bloomed the first year...but nothing since. They get full sun from about 9am til around 2 pm... and get a pretty good amount of water... any suggestions...? Mine are yellow.

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eclayne(Z6a, MA)

The type of calla could be important to properly solve your problems. Flower color, leaf description, ht., etc. A photo. would be helpful.
Are you growing in ground or potted? Potted may need daily watering. What climate/zone?
Generally callas with flattened circular tubers like the following:
Well draining fertile soil, 2-3" of mulch, ample water, 6hrs. or more of direct sun.
The mulch keeps the roots cool and holds moisture in.
When I've failed to place enough mulch on mine, or too little water they've tended to yellow and sometimes flop over.
Hope this helps and good luck!

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my calla lillys are pink. they are in pots. they are growing tall but not blooming. I have them in full sunlight.

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I also have some trouble some calla lilies not blooming while others do. For the last two years I've them come back. I dig up the bulbs in the fall but I've had 6 of them just pop up. I haven't planted the ones I have in pots yet.

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I have had in the past an Easter lily, Oriental lily, and other colored Calla lilies. Needless to say it all ended tragically. With the heat in Houston and the humidity it has taken the life of many of my green "friends" and
I�ve not had much success obviously until my hubby bought me another beautiful Calla lily (white) about 3 years ago. Obviously it got special attention so the only claim to success is through loving my husband which made it special; which in turn brought it lots of special treatment!

It has grown like a weed since and puts out large beautiful green leaves and stalks but it has never actually bloomed that I have witnessed. I have waited patiently for it to start flowering again and aside from the flowers it came with it is just now leaves. Is there some reason that it�s not blooming? Is there something wrong with it? Am I doing something wrong?

I love it because not only is it my favorite flower but it was a wedding/birthday gift so it�s sentimental too! Currently it is inside a big beautiful oriental fish bowl (it�s actually a flowerpot but shaped as a fish bowl). There is no drainage and it is watered enough for the soil to be moist but not enough for root rot. It sits in the shade outside not exposed to extreme light.

I am desperate to get it blooming after it�s been basically in a coma for 2 years! What can I do??

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archoo16(5b, MO)

Hi. Last year i received a potted calla lily, with beautiful dark purple flowers. I repotted them in to a slightly bigger pot and kept it facing a window with good amount of sunlight. After they became brown, i cut them off decreased the watering till the leaves died and put it in a dark room outside our house over winter. When i was about to plant them this year they had sent up tiny shoots, 2 actually. Now there are no less than 20 shoots, 2 lil tiny ones excluded. Of them 5 are full sized each with a leaf. All this in a 5inch diameter pot. What can i do to make sure i have lovely pot full of Calla lilies? I dont have a garden. I have them indoors near a window where they get lots od sunlight. I live in zone 5b. Help!!

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eclayne(Z6a, MA)

I've never grown the type of Calla you have indoors. It sounds like you have a lot of offsets growing. Definitely put into a larger pot, I'd say 1 gallon. min. The more sun you can give them the better. They like moist, well draining soil and outside they like a lot of fertilizer.

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archoo16(5b, MO)

I'll do that, repot in a bigger container. what are the chances I might hurt/crush/break some offsets? 2 of them are about 3-5 cms tall and look very delicate.

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There are some specifics one needs to know to grow them well and get them to rebloom. These plants-not the hybrids we buy originated in South Africa. They grow in areas that have very defined periods with much rain and no rain at all. It is the lack of water that will send them into dormancy along with cooler temperatures. If you do not provide a proper resting/dry period for them they will not rebloom. Direct sun warm tempereatures and an organically rich soil will provide the necessary elements necessary to bring them into bloom.


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archoo16(5b, MO)

Hi , I took them out of the pot, there was one smaller structure attached to the main tuber which had some leaves going up. I separated them both and planted them in 2 pots last week. Both plants have been droopy, but leaves look healthy . I tied them loosely to a stake so they dont fall over. Today morning one of the leaves from the smaller plant was flopping , i touched the base and it was squishy and came offf the pot when i very gently tugged at it like it decaying or some thing. I think i might be over watering. Is there anything else I am doing wrong?

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