Bamboo underwater?

Corey_25December 18, 2005

Is it possible for bamboo stalks to survive completely submerged? I thought they would look neat planted in the sand of my aquarium.

thanks to any answers!


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Bamboo is not an aquatic plant, it will die and rot contaminating the water.

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Those bamboo plants you see everywhere are not true bamboo either (unless you found true bamboo) and it (sorry forgot name) is esp not a true aquatic, better to use plants that evolved for underwater, otherwise rotting denigration and much fouling of water, ph so on.. best Sherry

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The common house plant ivy has survived for me completly submerged for months and only one leaf has died. It is hard to keep them submerged, but I found a small vase and put the plant in there and some gravel to hold it down. I am not sure if the bamboo will survive, but you may want to experiment and test if it will survive. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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I did a post about the lucky bambos in my past fish tank earlier on a different thread. The answer is, Yes! You can have lucky bambos in aquariums.

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