Dividing Giant Calla

postquake_angela(Sunset 17 coastal)March 11, 2007

I have a Giant calla lily in our garden. This thing acts like it's on steroids - it just appeared in our yard 2 years ago and now it has 40+ leaves and is 4 feet tall. I think it is the "common" giant calla: white flowers, no spots on the leaves.

Anyway, I would like another huge calla and am wondering if there is a way to divide the rhizome without digging it up. It doesn't seem to seed. It never goes dormant. I have no experience dividing plants and would hate to screw this up and lose the calla.

Btw, there does seem to be an offshoot - a younger-looking part of the plant with smaller leaves. Is it possible to transplant the offshoot without disturbing the mother plant?

Any advice or resources would be greatly appreciated.

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yes you can divided them up. Calla are very strong just make sure that when you plant them that where you split them it is dry or then it will rot. i have done it many times Anna

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girlndocs(8 WA)

Will the new divisions bloom that same year?


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Hi depends how big the new bulbs is the biger the better Anna

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