Amorphophallus konjac in bloom

MonsteraMan(5)March 27, 2013

My amorphophallus konjac has been in bloom for a couple weeks now. The rancid smell is finally over, but the inflor. is still beautiful! It topped out at 6'7" in height from a 15 lb, 10.5" diameter tuber. I had to keep him in the garage with heat on him because the smell was not tolerable indoors. Once the smell decreased, he came back inside. Amorphophallus are a strange yet beautiful species of plants!

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Beautiful!! It's always impressive to see what a mature corm can produce. Congrats!!

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very cool mostera !!!
dont ya just love these plants..:)
my largest corm is days away from completely
opening up.. yea..smell.. ehheheehe:)
hope u keep us posted on pics when you get potted
up and foliage comes out..

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Awesome Monstera!

That is a huge bloom and it is neat that the bloom lasts quite a long time.
I am just now starting konjacs after several years of admiring them. I was going to purchase huge flowering-size tubers but I decided to start out with medium-size tubers so I myself can grow the plants and get them to flower next year or the year after. I have them in the ground and in pots already and will post pics when they start to leaf out.


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VERY nice!

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dont ya love these plants..heres pic of my largest one
just in full bloom now..

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WOW!!! That is one nice shot!! Bet she smells pretty too LOL.
Can't wait for mine to come up, though I don't see them blooming this year due to the drought:(
How old is that plant? >5 years?

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the biggest corm is going into its 3rd season with me..and i think it was 2yrs old when i got u r right leaf..
im looking foward to "hopefully" a good growing season..and the corms putting on some nice size..

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