Aroids for zone 7 garden

geoforce(z7a SE PA)March 31, 2014

I'm not particularly interested in aroids for pot culture, but I love the unique leaves in my garden.

I'm always looking for more I can plant in the dirt and forget. Currently I have Amorphophallus konjac, Sauromatum venustum, Dracunculus vulgarus, and several of the Sinarisaema (Whorl leaf type) arisaemas, as well as the more common arisaemas, which have been doing nicely for years .

Are there other species or varieties which might survive in my zone 7 (some winters closer to 6) garden ?

I've tried alocasia and colocasia but very limited success with them.

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I am a transplant from ct via fl to nc, zone 7. I have never grown callas before because you had to dig them up and store them for the way jose! now that I am in nc, zone 7, I planted my first callas two years ago. when they came up the second year or should I say first year after planting, they blew me away! they were humungus, huge, big,large, tall and oh so beautiful. I picked a few and placed them on my counter in the kitchen to enjoy. they lasted so long in the vase that I had to finally throw them in my compost. what a wonderful lily. I planted lots more last year and am patiently waiting for them to show their stuff!! happy gardening.

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