bihai(zone 9)March 8, 2006

I was nosing around one of the local nurseries yesterday looking for a Tibouchina, and found these instead! A. "Rosario" is a neat anthurium with a wide, short bloom that's really cool. A. "Misty" seems to have a trait for producing double flowers...50% are doubles, 50% singles. Very weird.

The "Maxima Verde" I have had for a bit. It has huge green flowers veined with red that turn a beautiful antique rose color with age

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

And no doubt you chose the chair to go with them. Very good match! You make me think I should get more anthuriums. These forums are very bad for me. I didn't used to even KNOW about a lot of plants I have to have now (did know about anthuriums tho'. **sigh**)

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holly_c(New Orleans, LA)

Those are really nice. I bought "Petra" a while back and it also throws double and single flowers. It looks similar to your "Misty" but is more red when it is getting good light. I'm up to about 20 of them now I guess. Not counting multiple plants in one pot.

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