Pot size for C. esculenta 'Thai Giant Strain'

msbunny1(z7a TN)March 29, 2007

Have ordered the above. May try to plant in ground (Z7a TN) or in pot.

If in pot, what size would I need to use to get through the summer without transplanting?


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If you're starting with a small plant, my guess is you'll need at least a 10-15 gal container, even then, it may need water on a daily basis by the end of summer, but you can always move it up to a larger pot as needed.

I am trying one this year as well, I planted it into a 3 gal container with 1 inch holes all along the sides, and I will plunge it into the ground. In the fall, I will pull out the pot, prune back the roots and most of the leaves, and keep it dormant in my cold garage for the winter.

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msbunny1(z7a TN)

Thanks! I like the idea of plunging the pot in the ground..

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