EEs in pots with no soil, just gravel?

mwyler(z6CT)March 31, 2008


I have overwintered some alocasia and colocasia.............before I put them back into my pond, I'd like to know if anyone has just put them in pots of gravel with no the end of the season in my pond, my plants have long trailing roots and seem to be happy in water with hardly any soil............I'm thinking if I put them in containers with gravel, the weight of the pot would mean that they might tip over less, which is a problem I have. Any thoughts??



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colocasia can be grown as aquatic plants, not sure about alo, I would guess no.

if they are in pure gravel, you will have to provide water more often than is reasonably possible since the moisture retention is non-existent

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I also overwinter EE's and cannas for my pond. I start them inside in soil and once they are rooted and sprouting I wash all the soil off and put them in baskets with rocks to weigh them down and hold them in the baskets and put them in the pond. No soil whatsoever. I have been using this method for years with great success. I found out the hard way that if they don't root and show some top growth before being immersed in the pond the bulb will rot in the water. I don't use soil for any of my pond plants...too messy etc.

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