New cutting, needs ID

greybird_kekeMarch 3, 2013

Hello, I got this cutting from a friend who only knows it as "reindeer plant". The leaves are just 3" long! I had something similar one time but the leaves got much larger. Hoping someone knows the name of it....
Thanks, Nancy

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It looks like a Philodendron. Does it have a running stem?

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Yes, I think it's some sort of Philodendron vine. But it's leaves stay small, unlike a similar looking species I had years ago with larger leaves and red "hairy" stems.

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I've got that one with the red hairy stems, P. pedatum. The problem with a lot of aroids is they're so variable it can be difficult to pick what's the same species or a different one. Plus juvenile leaves being different to mature ones in some cases. You can always try the International Aroid Society web site. They have a forum as well. A lot of botanists and taxonomists use that site.

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