Pycnospatha palmata

dmarin(Z9 NorCal)March 3, 2006

Hello everyone,

I have a pycno, and I've been growing it for about 2 years now I guess. I transplanted it to a larger pot last year, and I was rewarded this year with its first bloom! After the bloom came that large majestic leaf, and I loved it.

After a while, the leaflet was hanging off at an angle, and I decided to unpot it and take a look. THe leaf had actually rotated the bulb. SO I potted it up in a larger container once again.

The leaflet died off, and now I don't know what to do. DO I continue to water it? or is it in hybernation until spring?



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dmarin(Z9 NorCal)

Ok, perhaps this was too specific...

More general:

Since my Pycno has always had greenery growing from it and never has been what would constitute dormant, what do I do now? leave it dry until something emerges when it gets a bit warmer?


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I have never grown this myself, but from the posts on this and other forums over the years, I think NorCal is too cool for it without a heat mat or aquarium heater to keep it going most of the year. I don't know if they will store dry, more heat would be your best bet.


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dmarin(Z9 NorCal)

Ok, it was a general question-when an Aroid loses it's leaves, do you stop watering until springtime bring up new growth?

My Pycno is in my indoor terrarium, so the weather isn't a huge concern.


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Hi dmarin

I live in Singapore and have quite a few Pycnospathas growing for past few years. They do go dormant after flowering - even if the climate is tropical throughout - ease off some watering (but not completely dry) until growth resumes. Cheers.

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