Looking for Alocasia Macrorrhiza 'Borneo Giant'

roger_lMarch 14, 2007

i was wondering if anyone had one of these

for sell? I just got started gardening this

year and i really want to get one of these

for my garden. And so u think this would

do good near my koi pond or would it try to tap

into my pond?

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It may be early for these, but Brian's Botanicals may be growing seedlings of these out right now--you'll have to inquire. http://briansbotanicals.net

Also try NS Exotics: http://naturalselections.safeshopper.com

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k ty i ordered one from there
can not wait to get it

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I bought 2 small borneo giants last year, they grew nicely until a frost took down the leaves, I planted the "bulbs" into 5 gal pots and kept them warm, it took about 2 months before they started to show signs of new growth, but once that happened, they grew very quickly. I am waiting for warm weather to arrive so I can plant them out again, they should be much bigger this year.

In good conditions, a new leaf will form each week that is about 2X larger in surface area than the previous, so the key is to start off the year with a strong, robust plant that is ready to take off.

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rubbleshop(UK zone 9)

At the end of this summer I will have a monster sized one looking for a new home. I want it this summer, but it will be far too big for my greenhouse next winter. In fact it was too high this winter and had to occupy the spare room, but it is already rapidly growing and will be much bigger still next autumn.

However, I live in the UK and it weighs half what I weigh and is 6ft tall now. It's new owner will have to collect.

Pot not included

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Roger, I live in TN and I'd love to know how this did for you. Do you think you can overwinter it outdoors?

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