vikingboy2013March 18, 2011

Has anyone overwintered a zantedeschia aethiopica in zone 5b, if so how?

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I live in zone 5, and I have my callas in large containers. I let them dry when they begin to die back , which they do in about November, and bring them in and winter them dry in my upstairs room which is unheated and about 50-60 degrees F. About every other year I replace the soil. In spring I fertilize and water about now when they wake up. I move them in and out until frost is over, which is some work for sure. This has worked well for me for about 7 years. They've always come back. I even have some seedlings!

I am not sure you could really do it in the ground.

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eclayne(Z6a, MA)

I'm in 5b as well. Most of my callas have corms while the aethiopica have rhizomes. Whether planted in the ground (most) or in pots I lift the corms after first frost.

Are you inquiring about lifting and storing over-wintering or hardiness for a z5b winter in the ground?

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