S. Venosum flower caput?

jardinerowaApril 17, 2013

Hey all,

OK so I ordered online a ready to flower S. Venosum and A. Bulbifer. They took awhile to get here but then they had to wait in the PO for a while and when I finally got them, well you can see the S. Venosum flowered in the small shipping box and twirled as grew. On the picture you can make out the spathe still tightly round the dark spadex. what I don't understand is why the whole flower stem is white/pinkish. Nothing like the pictures I've seen of it. Is it because it was absolute darkness? Or because it couldn't grow inside the box it didn't progress?
I'm just wondering what I should now. Wait? Plant it or leave the corm on a table until the flower falls off, grows, or changes in some way?
The A. Bulbifer looks like it's just starting to grow a flower stalk, should I pot it up or can I put the corm on a shelf like with Konjac? Thanks so much!


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Get your money back or another S. corm. It will still leaf out, but the seller really blew it c the shipping. I would cut the inforescence:(
The A. bulbifer looks fine. Pot it up when it's warm enough and you see signs of growth.

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It didn't even look like it had a chance to open! Maybe it being cramped just aborted the inflorescence once it couldn't grow anymore in the shipping box.
What about the Bulbifer? Can I plant it in a pot or leave it on a shelf in the house? Thanks!


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I'd put it in a pot and keep it dry until it breaks ground.

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Ok thanks. I'll pot it up, moisten the soil, and then not water it again until it's visibly growing.


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