Pineapple size Elephant Ear bulb.

primitive(S.E. Ia. zone 5)April 2, 2006

I really enjoy growing EE each summer. Recently at the Chicago Flower Show they were selling eliphant ear bulbs big as or bigger than a full grown pineapple, big honking things. I had to buy one just to see what it does. I'll let you know late summer. primitive

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I hope you didn't pay a whole lot for it, especially if its regular Colocasia esculenta. Hate to burst people's bubbles, but you can buy these tubers - big as a pineapple or bigger - at the Asian supermarkets, usually for pretty cheap!


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Good point, How much was it??

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Since the closest Asian market is around 90 miles North not a good choice for me.
Wally world had them cheap, cheap so I bought one to stick in the back corner. I need it like another whole in my head but no will power!
Tally HO!

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BP - you naughty thing - I did see the bulbs at Walmark (as my granddaughter calls it), but I have so many Asian markets around me in OKC, I bypassed them.

Yesterday, I pulled the mulch off of all of my 'asias, but left it nearby in the event of a frost warning. I wanted the soil to warm up as fast as possible. Although, it's already pretty darn warm. Rarely does our soil freeze here anymore.

Can't wait to get my Black Ruffles in the ground.


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