Can someone identify this?

Hoe_in_Hand(z9 NoCA)April 8, 2005

I took this photo at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park this week. I'm not familiar with aroids but they are fascinating to me. I think this is a kind of Araceae from what I've found in my search. But what kind? And does it also have a common name? Thanks in advance! And I'm sorry if I am in the wrong forum with this!

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Hi Hoe!
Your picture doesn't show the foliage, but I'm sure it is an Anthurium. If you need the complete scientific name, you have to wait for the experts on this forum. In German it is called "Flamingoblume" - transalated literally "flamingo-flower". The normal colours are red for the spathe and yellow for the spadix. And it is an Aroid, you're right.

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Hi there Hoe in hand, you are right it is an aroid of the araceae family and hermann is correct in saying it is an
anthurium which breed i can't tell you for sure as there are thousands the main one i think is anthurium andraeanum
a lot of different species are crossed with it.

see ya

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birdsong(zone 10 S. Fla.)

Anthurium Sarah. I saw them for sale at the Garden Shop at Flamingo Gardens.

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