Helicodiceros muscivorus help?

weirdflowers(5)April 16, 2011

About three weeks ago received a Helicodiceros muscivorus from a certain well-known online nursery. It looked healthy when it got here. I repotted it and it seemed to be doing alright being kept moist in bright sun, but over the past week and a half, a couple of the smaller leaves yellowed and curled so I moved it to filtered sun. Two days ago, the entire plant flopped over in place. I poked around and didn't see any mold, so I propped it up the best I could and let it be. Today, it was flopped over again. I tugged gently on the leaves and they slid right out of the soil; the bases were mushy and yellow. All that is left is a single new, unfurled leaf which is upright and seems to be strongly attached. I quickly flipped the plant out of the pot and saw new root growth.

Am I doing something wrong, or is my plant just going through shock? This is my first experience with mail-order plants, so I don't know what's normal.

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I too have not quite figured out this plant. I have been growing it, albeit not well, for two seasons now. I posted a query about it at the IAS forum board, look at the link below. Hope you can get some information to help. While you are there, why not join us?

Here is a link that might be useful: IAS forum board

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