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pcparanormalApril 18, 2013

I bought a young healthy plant and planted it on the south side of my house in sandy, well drained soil and laid down mulch around it. It gets full sun and after it got established I watered less frequently and it seemed to be thriving with young healthy leaves and new sprouts off the stem.

Then last Sunday heavy rains came to Florida. And I mean heavy. It was a deluge of rain for half a day. Yesterday I checked the plant and the leaves were yellowing and the stem of the plant seemed hollow and soft when I touched it. Not good.

I assume this is from too much water. Is it too late to transplant the arum a few feet away so it's under the roof overhang of the house? That should keep most of the rain away, not sure why I didn't do this the first time. On a side note I did fertilize the arum yesterday with a small amount of well balanced fertilizer, but today nearly all the leaves are yellow, brittle, and some will probably be falling off the plant. Is it possible to prune the shoots with the yellow leaves?

Thanks for your help. This is my first time growing this.


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Here is a picture of what the plant looks like now.

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Dig it up and check the tuber for rot.
If rot is present, you will need to pare off the rot down to healthy tissue with a clean knife. Rinse in 1:10 bleach: water solution and let callus in a cool dry place for at least two days. Replant when corm is healthy looking.
If no rot is present, the plant is going dormant. Keep dry in this case.

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I agree you'd need to dig it up. Would be unusual for it only to be just going dormant at your time of the year.

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