Bulb Newbie. Dead bulbs?

pcparanormalApril 18, 2013

I ordered a few bulbs from a reputable company. A Jack in the Pulpit, konjac, torch lily, etc. Mostly aroids though. I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out the best thing for them. I've read to put in the ground, water them, not water them, put them in the fridge in bags, use peat moss, etc. I'm afraid trying one method and then switching to another when I got better information may have caused shock to them and killed them.

Right now they're in an organic potting mix with mostly peat moss outside on my patio. It's been warm here for some time so I'd expect to see new growth by now. I exposed the tips of the bulbs so the pointy side is facing up. I hope this is the right direction for these particular bulbs. Only one of them, the Jack in the Pulpit, looks discolored on one side because of fungus/mold.

Not sure what to do at this point, just leave them as is? Any help would be appreciated. This is my first season dealing with aroids and plants that go dormant, but I wanted to expand my horizons and learn more about these fascinating plants without killing too many of them in the process. :)


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Sounds like you have a gamut of Aroids, from your description of care instructions.
Jack in the pulpits (araesima spp) do require a cold period, whereas Amorph. konjak needs a dry,coolish spell.
A. konjak will break the surface of the soil when it's warm enough, around 65 degrees F at night. Then begin watering.
As for the fungus on your Araesima, gently scrape the diseased portion off c a small knife that has been sterilized c 1:10 bleach solution until you see healthy tissue. Let corm sit in a cool dry place for a day or two and replant in a well drained soil in a pot c drainage. If temps are warm, keep moist. When you see new growth, water. Excess water should run off.
The plant on the right looks like a Blood Lily, am I correct?

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