Calla Lily stems drooping indoors

jim_widz(7 - Northern VA)April 26, 2012

I bought a white call lily last year and it looked beautiful throughout Spring and into Summer, then died back in the Fall and I over wintered it, all indoors.

This Spring, I moved the bulbs into a larger pot with new potting soil, and the plant is growing, again indoors.

The problem is shown in the picture with this link:

As you can see, the plant has tall stems and they are all very droopy. I have it getting afternoon sun (few hours) and water it regularly, but nothing is making a difference.

What would be causing it to droop so much? The leaves are a beautiful green and the plant looks healthy, except for the droopy stems/leaves.


-- Jim

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Hi Jim,
If you are giving the plant sun/water and it does not show signs of another blight on its leaves... my thought is that it is showing signs of soft rot. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do for the plant. Due to the leaves still appearing healthy it may be early in the progression of the disease. You could try a fungicide to address the issue, but it may be easier to just start over with a new plant.

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