How dangerous are Anthurium and Spathiphyllum

marguerite_gwApril 9, 2012

I got a present of two beautiful plants of the above. I've been reading up about them since I have never had an anthurium and only once years ago a peace lily. It seems that they can cause throat problems because of something in their leaves. I knew this was the case with a relative of theirs, diffenbachia, but not that it was the case with all aroids. Has anyone here had any problems of this nature with these plants?

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If you aren't planning on eating the leaves in a salad, you should be safe.

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Many thanks for the reply, houstonpat. No, not for salads, but I recall reading that the leaves of aroids generally give off an irritant which can be breathed in and affect throats. Since my husband had a throat illness a few years ago from which he thankfully recovered after radiotherapy, I'm just a little anxious to make sure they are ok. The plants are really beautiful, I would hate to have to pass them on.

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Marguerite the element in most aroids is Calcium Oxalate. Eating them can cause minor problems for most but in no way will breathing around the plant cause any harm to your husband. Calcium Oxalate is not an airborne element given off by the plant. You are very much ok to grow this beautiful plant.


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I thought this would be a question about danger to one's wallet...

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faerybutterflye(7B OK)

LOL, Purple! I thought so, too! Marguerite, I have a syngonium podophyllum & a monstera deliciosa & a dieffenbachia. They're all the Aroid family. I have had them for years & never had a problem in my house full of asthmatics. The only caution is to watch kids & pets around these plants. They are poisonous to ingest. My son, who's 4 now, decided when I told him not to put the plant into his mouth b/c it's poisonous, to take a bite of my monstera. Immediately, he says, "OW! It BURNS!" & we rinsed well with water. No lasting damage. But when you repot this family of plants, make sure that when you get any of their juices on your skin, to wash your hands well with soap & water. The calcium oxalate that Scott is referring to causes some irritation on skin. I repotted mine the other day & got some juices on me & it started itching & burning mildly. But I was fine as soon as I washed my hands.

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Don't worry about them. All aroids have the oxalates and being near the plant will not cause any problems. On the contrary, Peace Lily has been proven to help detoxify the air as a houseplant.
I own/run a cyber cafe here in Mexico just south of San Diego and I have spathiphyllums there and they add a great flair to an otherwise dull room.

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Spathiphyllum is one of my favorite houseplants, along c some other Aroids. Have taught my dog to FEAR plants lol

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