calla lily seed

anna_lisa(Quebec)April 1, 2006

Hi this year most of my cally lily seed came up i must have about one hundred a fifty. I hope to get different colors not just pink or white. I know it will take about 2 years to get any flowers. I don't understand why the price of cally lily are so much for one bulbs its 5 dollars too much for me Anna lisa

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Well, you're in Canada, so I don't suppose you have an HD or Lowe's. That's where I got mine. I got several cultivars, like Flame (orangy-red), aethiopica (white species), pink, white with pink blush, yellow, purple, and peachy colored one. These were like 2 tubers for $3.00 in a package. I felt them all to make sure they were firm and not dessicated tubers. When I opened them to plant, they were all great tubers, and already sprouting.


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HI I'am looking for flame I had about 4 but I lost them with a virus last year. I have home depot here I will check them out. Last week i check about 8 garden centers and they just had pink and pale yellow and plum. I have plum but it did not turn out plum i did not like it at all. I hate it when the pk. say one color and when you plant it it come out another color.Anna lisa

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