Colocasia got too much water - is there hope?

scott_thomasville_ga(8b)April 27, 2009

Newly planted, small pup, Colocasia gigantea got too much water for about a week or so. Leaves have turned yellow, and soil is currently drying out. Stems are still green half way up.

My question, does the fact that all the leaves (2 total) have turned yellow signal an end to this plant, or is there still hope once soil dries out and watering returns to normal that it will survive? Generally, what should I expect?

If there is no hope I will order replacement. If there is a good chance of recovery, I will give it a few weeks and see if any new leaves present. Just want to know which course I should pursue?

Thank you,


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If the base is still hard, I would give it some time--it should come back. These are tuberous plants, and tougher as they mature. If the base is soft or mushy, then it's a goner.

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Thank you philofan. The base still has some firmness and it seems to be maintaining status quo, so I will hold out hope.

Thanks again,

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