manipulating calla blooming time

wfordgardener(z7 TX)April 10, 2005

I originally posted this to the bulbs forum, but was advised by a gardener much wiser and more experienced than I to post here (I was not even familiar with the term "Aroid"!). So, here's my question .... or rather questions:

My daughter is getting married June 25, and while we're getting the bulk of the flowers (callas) from a florist, we want to have a few from the garden to use in the ceremony for sentimental reasons. The problem is, the callas I have planted already will be long past blooming down here in north central Texas by June 25.

Now for the questions:

Can I just plant some callas later to trick them into blooming at the correct time? Or will it just be too hot for them to come up and bloom?

Would it be better to plant them in the ground or in containers so I can bring them inside if it gets too hot?

When should I plant them to plan on them being in peak bloom around the end of June? Will the time be affected by the warmer temps?

I would soooo appreciate any advice on this!!!

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honeybunny442(z6 TN)

What colors or varieties do you want to plant

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wfordgardener(z7 TX)

Pure white -
I purchased several packages at Wal-Mart, which only says "white (Zantedeshia)", no distinction as to particular variety. The picture shows them to be pure white, with spotted leaves.

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honeybunny442(z6 TN)

Depending on your temp, it should take about 9 weeks for the white with spotted leaves to bloom. Seeing as you are in texas, it may be shorter. That variety is called Zantedeschia albomaculata.
I would try to buy quite a few, plant several one week, some the next, some the next. That way you'll have blooms when you want them, and can enjoy the flowers for several weeks. Don't take a chance on planting them and hoping they will all bloom on the date you want.
I used them in my wedding too. Plant about double of what you think you will need, I had a lot of flowers but with small bouquets and boutonnieres we ran out fast!
Good luck,

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I echo the 9 weeks bit.
I'm currently recording pot-to-flower times for many others. Z. 'Purple Sensation' looks like it may be a really fast one, but we'll see. I am also going to try to reverse the whole bloom cycle entirely on some corms. Again, We'll see!

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honeybunny442(z6 TN)

James, what do you mean by reverse the whole bloom cycle?

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wfordgardener(z7 TX)

James and honeybunny-
Thanks so much for the advice! I planted some a few weeks ago, more last week, and I'm planning on planting this week and again the next. Hopefully I'll get at least a few blooming at the right time. I'm not trying to supply the entire wedding...just thought it would be neat to at least have a few (for the bridal bouquet if they're nice enough and big enough) to say "these are from mom's garden."
Honeybunny, what time of year was your wedding? Did you have to trick the callas into blooming at the right time.......or did you plan your wedding around the flowers' schedule;)!? I'd be interested in knowing how you did your bouquets and boutenniers too.

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honeybunny442(z6 TN)

My wedding was on June 19th. I didn't do anything special to try and get them to bloom. I had to use various colors because we didn't have enough of one color. Two bridesmaids had Crystal blush bouquets, I carried white and yellow long flowers. We had a hard time with the boutonniers, nothing seemed to "go" with callas until we took some fern and baby's breath from a store-bought bouquet. I think it is called ironfern. I'll try to find some pictures to send to you!

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wfordgardener(z7 TX)

Honeybunny- Your wedding sounds beautiful. I'd love to see some pictures if you find them and it's not too much trouble. Thanks for sharing your experience with me!

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Reverse the yearly cycle-as in, flowers in Sept. to Dec. My Z. albomaculata stored in Oct. and planted in Dec. is still all leaves and refuses to bloom. If this goes on too long, say a month or two, I'll send it to bed for four months and see what goes on if planted then...
Just plain off-the-wall experiments. I know someone that had her amaryllis bloom time reversed. Mid-summer flowers, I think, on a "Christmas" Hipppeastrum...

The first datum for Z. 'Gem Rose' is Planted 2/14, first flower 4/28. I have a Z. 'Flame' now, but neglected to write the planting date down! Crap. It was really early too. Maybe a month and a half!

Still slaving at the bit of maniacal gardening,

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Knowing how things can go wrong at weddings, it doesn't hurt to have a florist back-up, or local place you can go should the blooms not be happenin' the days before the big event.

I was best man at a friend's wedding that was delayed over an hour because the flowers were late!

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