markmcbApril 26, 2008

Last fall I cut my Calidoras to the ground and overwintered them in their pots in my basement.Now they are stubs or small stumps about 2-3 inches above soil level, and they have dark purple spikes emanating from the sides.Is there anything I need to do at this point, or should I just leave them alone? The same with my Portadora.


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orchidboy01(9b Orlando area)

Hi Mark. Go ahead and put them into some light. They will start to grow quickly and can be placed outside when frost danger has passed. feed them now a good slow release plant food. You will notice they will clump, or now have multipul growing points. Take care. Orchidboy

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Thanx Orchidboy for the info.It is just now starting to get warm here in Va. This what we have been waiting months for.
Best of Luck. MarkMcB

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