amorphophallus obscurus cultural info

skeptis(z5b Quebec)April 24, 2006

i was wondering about the culture info on this one-i just bought a 1" bulb. I was wondering if it's rot sensitive and needs good drainage or likes it moist like A. konjac (during the growing period i mean) and also what the hardines is-can i keep the tuber in the fridge like i do Dracunculis and A. konjac during winter? thanks

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Well, why not ask the guy you bought it from...I assume he grows them and isn't just a seller! If so, and he is selling 1" tubers, which is big for obscurus, especially if it is something other than the common green leaf variety, then he must be very successful at their culture.

If you look at the thread a bit further down you can see people rot these....I'm growing them for the first time this year so can not way in the fridge....I wouldn't do that to a konjac though....why not just leave it sitting on a shelf or in the basement....they absolutely do not require any cold period at all. I personally have stored my one tiny highly variegated tuber of obscurus in peat for the winter and knowing that is is rot sensitive will grow it indoors all year after it leafs out.

Best of luck :o) Dan

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