Tanspant mauled Azelias to container?

kenzo(6)February 26, 2008


Last fall I planted some small white Azelias in my garden. They were fairly brittle to begin with. They have not fared well over the winter. I have accidently trampled them a few times the dog has crushed them too. I would esitimate that about 50% or more of the original branches have been broken off. I do not see them survining the spring in thier current location. I do not have a safer in-ground location for them as I have only a small rowhouse garden. Even if they survive where they are they will not look nice as they have basically been crushed down to groundcover.

I was thinking about digging them up and tranplanting them to a container so they would not get crushed and maybe have a chance to grow. Is this a good idea? Do they stand a chance? They are just Home Depot cheapies but I cant bring myself to just throw them out. Can I tansplant now? zone 6 eastern PA

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

What's your weather doing - if you have frozen ground or are still expecting hard freezes, the roots may be safer remaining in the ground for now.

Whether they'd fare better in pots is hard to say. Containerized, they need a quick draining potting medium that will retain moisture without staying soggy, and would be dependent on you for regular water and nutrition.

If they had time to begin to establish when you planted them in Fall, they might recover faster where they are, provided you could protect them - had you thought about encircling them with low fencing to temporarily protect them from being trampled? In any case, which ever you decide, cleanly remove anything jagged or broken with sharp pruners so as to not offer a secondary foothold for insects or disease.

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The weather has been fairly warm and springy for FEB but could turn freezing at any time

Looked today and one has been reduced to a stump. The branches were so brittle on these that they just break off . The other Azaleas (red) that I planted seemed healthier from the get and have been more resistant to abuse.

Good point on the container though.. They may die there too I guess. I will think it over til the weekend when I have the time.

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