Common Arum maculatum - variagated

rubbleshop(UK zone 9)April 16, 2007


I have just found a wild clump of variagated Arum maculatum. At least I am guessing they are Arum maculatum, but they have not flowered, so could be Arum Italicum which is also very common here.

Does anyone know if this occurs commonly.

Are they escaped cultivated ones or hybridised with an intentionally cultivated variegated form?

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rubbleshop(UK zone 9)

P.S. This is not the pale veins common in Arum Italicum, but vivid patches of cream and vivid patches of yellow on otherwise green leaves, more like the colours and patternation of a variegated Monstera Deliciosa.

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Carla Beltgens has pictures of a few variegated A. maculatum on her homepage, do any of them look similar?

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rubbleshop(UK zone 9)

Thanks for the link. None are exactly the same. The arums around them have flowered with a white spadix but the leaves are rounder than Italicum, more shaped like maculatum, so they are most likely Italicum/maculatum cross.

Here few wild arums are pure bred because the two hybridise so easily.

The pattern is most like Arum Italicum 'Painted Lady' on the photo's on the website link you gave.

I guess they are an accidental wild x cultivated hybrid or may have become variagated spontaneously in the wild. They are very spectacular and thriving in the wild, but does not seem to flower or perhaps they are too young. It is forming very large clumps by growing extra corms though!!!

It looks from that link that the variagations are probably not due to disease anyway, so I shall wait for the leaves to die down and transfer some of the corms to my garden, before they get destroyed by the wheels of the hedge flailing machine!

Ta for help.

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