Non-Aquaitc Callas in Regular Potting Soil?

icebird28(7 (8A))April 7, 2007

My callas didn't perform very well last year. I was wondering if regular Miracle-Gro potting soil with some pebbles added would be a good soil for them this year. I wanted to post to make sure it was ok. I would hate for them to rot because of too much moisture. Any comments or advice would be much appreciated.


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honeybunny442(z6 TN)

Just don't water them too much until they start to leaf out. You might add a little extra perlite to the potting soil.

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Did you grow them in a pot or in the ground?

The biggest challenge in a pot is giving them enough water, unless you have a huge container, in Dallas I would imagine you may need to water several times a day to keep the cannas satisfied...even in the ground they like lots of water in hot weather.

They will only rot if you water too much before leaves are present. Once they leaf out, most cannas can be grown as aquatic plants.

With some of my cannas last year, I started the rhizomes in advance and when they were ready to be planted, I dug a large hole in the yard, put a large black garbage bag into it and then filled it back up with soil and plants...the reduced drainage created a constant wet muck that seemed beneficial to the plants.

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Sorry...I thought you asked about "Canna" not "Calla", just ignore what I wrote

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