alocasia 'diesease'

tropichrisApril 20, 2009

Hi all;

I have an Alocasia 'Polly' in a large terrarium. It is planted in coco-peat, and a very small amount of rotting leaves. I keep it on the far side of the cage where there is medium light; the soil is moist.It is in high humidity and the temperature is 75-80 degrees.Now, the leaves are bleaching and wilting, and the stems have strange indentaions. One of the stems is a salmon-pink color. I squeezed the stems lightly to see if it was rot; the stem felt kind of squishy but somewhat firm.

I have a peace lily with this same problem but instead of bleaching, they are turning dark green and squishy.

I can't post a picture of it because...I STILL dont know how to post a picture >:(

do you have any idea on what this probllem with these two aroids is???

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