The great aglaonema mystery

asleep_in_the_gardenApril 6, 2014


So at my public library there are a few ags that have been yielding berries. This is minnesota so the little scarab beetles that are necessary to pollinate them in their native environment wouldn't be present to fulfill their duties. What gives??

How is this even possible?

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Need to check if they have viable seed first. But it's always possible that there's an insect there with similar behaviour that can carry out the pollination process. Orchids can be very specific about their pollinators but aroids generally aren't so fussy.

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Maybe it's not as difficult as I imagined. The way I understood it,the pollinator would have to squeeze itself into a near sealed female flower...something a fly or other light bodied vector would have a rough time at.

It's quite possible that I'm overthinking this. lol

Oh and yes,..the seed is viable. I know this because I harvested some berries there last year and nearly all germinated for me.

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