Please help...A. Bulbifer rot?

jardinerowaApril 26, 2013


So I ordered a flowering size amorphophallus bulbifer tuber and got it and it has a growth point with no root nubs so I'm thinking it's going to flower. I didn't know whether to pot it up or just leave it on a shelf or table until it flowered like I've read people do with konjacs.
I tried to ask this question in other threads but no one responded so I potted up the tuber yesterday in loose soil but today I decided I should take it out. Already it seems the tuber has kind of a corky feel to it and I thought I saw some rot. Since I read also that people have cut rotten parts out, I cut black dead parts until I got to white flesh. I tried to cut very little off. Now I feel like I made a mistake potting it up but can't imagine one day caused it to rot suddenly. It must have already had some rot.
My question is, the growth point since I got it a couple weeks ago hasn't moved. It is a firm tuber just worried because the outer layer felt more cork-like when I dug it up today; maybe just feels that way as it had soaked up water. Now I'm drying it off and hopefully I didn't do the wrong my question, DO I pot it up or can I leave it on the shelf? Also, is rot self-contained sometimes? For instance, is it possible that these tubers have parts of rot and then because of good conditions the rot arrests itself and goes no further.
I am just so concerned that this or cutting it at all will affect ability to flower as I paid good money for it. Thanks all.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

where was the rotten area?

aroids often consume the old bulb and it sluffs off the bottom of the bulb...

one day in soil did not rot it

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It seemed to be a couple areas on the side.

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It is always preferable to keep your bulb in soil, dry when dormant /blooming and moist when actively growing. Keeping a bare corm on a shelf exposes it to ants, roaches and silverfish.

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It still has a growth point which is good but I haven't put it in soil. I have COMPLETELY dry promix which I could put it in, I'll make a decision today LOL.


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The completely dry pro mix is fine. Dont water till you see leaf growth, and if its a flower dont water then either.
If you have to remove more rot make sure to dust the cut area with a fungicide. When I have had rot, the area is soft and slimy, not corky. As GMBMH stated when the old bulb is consumed sometimes the husk clings to the new bulb like a cap--usually it would come off fairly easily, and the bulb underneath looks perfect. A pic always helps.

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