Elephant Ear Bulbs and Surviving Damage

jlwrn28April 28, 2006

How much damage can large elephant ear bulb take before it's shot? The squirrels ate 2 of the 3 branching nubs (all the growth from last year :( ). Plus dug in the center of the main bulb. It looks like it might make it (it's only been a couple of days and I'm trying to be hopeful). Is there anything I can do to help?

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I'll take a shot at this. I have heard that they can grow from very small pieces of the tuber, as long as there is an eye available. They are like potato tubers in a way. And when people plant potato tubers, they usually cut them up into several pieces, making sure that each piece has an eye. So, if you still have an eye on your tuber, you are likely to get some growth.


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Good grief!!

I have thousands of squirrels and they havent ever bothered an EE. Seems like I read that the sap has those sharp crystals that cause great pain to the tender mouth & tongue.

Get those squirrels some acorns! And a huge slanted pot for the EE. lol

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thanks for the replies :) and an update for anyone reading this old post, I read through this forum till I found a solution! Into the kitchen I went to get my dried seasonings garlic, red pepper, and black pepper poured generously into a bowl further mashed into powder and applied (ONCE- even though everyone says to do it after each rain) to the exposed soil covering my precious (eaten) bulb, mixed slightly so the wind wouldn't blow it all away - and - no further attacks. The EE did very well grew to at least 4 foot and sprouted lots of new "bulbs" for the next year. Now EVERY bulb in my garden gets treated the same way - No problem so far :) good luck to all my squirrel fighting garden loving friends!

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Hello, Can someone answer me!! I was moving my elephant ear plant and I broke 4 of the stems and now the leaves hang down. Should I just cut them off where they broke? Will they grow back? Or should I tie the broken part to a stick? Also Can I put it inside by a window? thanks for help & time.

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nightrider767(San Antonio)

Dcowart,,, here's my opinion and I'm sure there are far more qualified people to answer this than I.

But I presume that those stems you damaged will never recover. But even bent and broken, assuming they are still alive, I think they will still do their job of collecting sunlight and whatever else it is an airoid leaf does.

So I think I would just leave them until the plant recovers. Once you start growing replacement leaves, then cut the bad ones off.

Good luck.

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