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Silencer(z6 PA)April 26, 2005

Some of these plants (especially there flowers) look really neat. How would these do in z6, Philadelphia PA?

I don't really know much about them and there isn't a FAQ on the this forum, so any links or info would be great.


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It really depends on which of them you mean. There are some like typhonium venosum that I am sure would do great where you are. The big guys like amorphophallus might do well though they are more of a gamble unless you dig them up during the winter and store on a shelf in the garage. If you really like these guys I would suggest taking some time to explore I would from there do some googling to narrow down what ones you are interested in.. Believe me aroids are source of addiction for many so you shouldnt have a problem finding info out there.


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Silencer(z6 PA)

Thanks for the info, I'll check that site out.

And sorry to be imature about this, but amorphophallus? LOL.

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bigdopeywhiteboy(z7 PacificNW)

Yes....that is what it says....and yes..the derivation IS due to the appearance of the inflorescence.....try to restrain yourself from giggling and whispering......

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