It's transplanting time again : )

Birdsong72(7/Northshore NJ)February 14, 2009

The mild weather of late has pushed a lot of us outside this past week, especially here in the MidAtlantic.

Attendant with that, there are dear 'friends' here which have to be moved to make way in order to allow 'nearbys' to fully grow in their projected spaces.

Skimmed off a width and a half of some of the existing ornamental beds with the rototoiller today. Tranplanting to follow, perhaps Monday. February is simply the best time to do this and it brings such peace and joy to this writer to be able to do so (garden) at this time of the year.

To be moved (also with great joy : )): Rh. My Mary, Az. 'Salmon's Elf' which for some reason has not flowered the past 4-5 years (buried in ostrich fern), a white lep..'April Dawn'?, and a beautiful prostate evgrn. az. that I purchased from Betty Cummins some years ago, Az. 'Hillier's Pink' which I believe is from England.

This after the clean up of that 'blow' that passed through earlier in the week and hopefully did the last of Mother Nature's 'pruning' for the year.

Cheers everyone,

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The weather has mild here too birdsong72 but, unfortunately, it seems to be the time for colds and/or allergies for others all around me. Knock on wood. Knock on wood. Makes me want to stay indoors for a few more weeks so I do not catch something since allergies are my usual problem... sigh.... This time, I am the one that is ok...

I have a Christmas Cheer Azalea that is now starting to bloom outside in its back plastic container; needs to be planted... needs to be planted.... needs to be planted... Will I remember? Hee hee hee

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