Elephant ear question

Joan_in_AL(7AL)April 18, 2005

I have not dug up or separated my elephant ear bulbs in the 5 years they have been planted. Okay, my problem is now there is a probaby 4 ft square of solid bulbs. How on earth do I separate these? It is just like one huge bulb!! They are out of the ground probably a foot high.. just bulb. Should I put dirt on these? Everytime I go out and look at this I just come back in.. too much to undertake. Do you cut them apart? DIg the whole thing up or what?

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hen11(z7 Eng UK)

what specifically are they??

if you don't know, tell us how big, what colour, leaf size and any other aspects and we'll try to figure out.

it may appear to be one big bulb but is probably just a lot of smaller ones joined together. depending on the species, but for most, the bulb staying above ground is fine, they are just becoming very mature.

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lariann(z10 FL)

My immediate thought is that you should dig around one side, out from the cluster, and then gently work on removing a bulb or two from the cluster and see how that goes. If it goes well, you can proceed to remove as many as you want, and then replant them lower in the ground. New roots will emerge from the previously exposed upper portions of the bulbs and will help the plants to grow larger this year. I, too, would like to know what kind they are!

LariAnn Garner

Here is a link that might be useful: Aroidia Research

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