red leaf azalea

flowerlover_1(z9FLORIDA)February 14, 2006

I have had a red leaf azalea for about 3 years and have never seen it bloom. well this year i decided to feed real good and try and find out where i got it. I went to a grower that i buy from sometimes and she said yes they were growing them a while back but had no luck with them either. Does anyone know anything about this strang azalea??? beautiful red plum leafs healthy and growing good. Thanks for any help.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Without a name, about the best I could offer is that you may be in too mild a climate for this particular azalea to perform it's best.

Feeding/fertilizing is counterproductive for blooms on azaleas in general; these plants have somewhat low nutritional requirements, and that great dose of fertilizer may well result in even more foliage not flowers...Overfertilization, along with shade, is one of the reasons for failure to bloom.

But what I suspect your problem may be (understanding that I'm about as far from Florida as anyone could be)is that your winter temperatures may not stay low enough long enough for good flowering. Warm winter temperatures may not provide adequate chilling, resulting in sporadic or lack of flowering for some azaleas. Can you just enjoy it for the foliage?

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We are in Spring Valley, CA, San Diego County; we have a red leaf azelea which we have had for quite some time. In the summer we had always moved it to the shade to protect from the heat. We have since moved it to the north side of the house just at the edge of a covered "fern grotto" As the season progresses, it has been getting more and more sunlight. This year, we have been occasionally watering it with 4.5pH water from our Enagic Water Generator with a half teaspoon of Dynagrow and we have red flowers. I have pictures of these flowers but do not know how to upload to this site. It was quite a surprise as we were told that it rarely blooms.
If you would like to see the bloom, contact me by email. I am rarely on this page.

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