tissue cultured calidora, borneo giant, red stem taro

alfred_floro(ca)April 19, 2005

Im planning on getting 1 tray each 72 plants per tray at agri-starts website.

Im getting a calidora, borneos giant, and red stem taro esculenta

any advice on how should i take care of this tissue cultured plants?

what is the mortality rate of tissue cultured plants?

i live in southern california zone 10b

how long do i have to wait before my calidora reach 7 ft. tall?


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lariann(z10 FL)

That's a lot of plants; I hope you have plenty of room for them! Alocasia x calidora will get 7 feet tall but the cool winter will slow them down, so my best guess is it will be in the summer of 2006 that you experience a 7 foot tall Alocasia x calidora if you treat them right. The Borneo Giant is even faster growing, but the cool winter will really slow it down. I started with a plant less than two feet tall last year and it got almost 8 feet tall in the Florida summer. This year, I'm starting with a 5 foot tall one in the ground; I expect 12 feet by the end of summer. Remember that your drier air will adversely affect how large the plants can get under your conditions.

Tissue culture plantlets can be finicky, so expect some loss, but the varieties you are getting should be quite hardy when compared to plants like A. x amazonica or A. nebula imperialis.

LariAnn Garner
Aroidia Research

Here is a link that might be useful: Aroidia Research

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

I bought a liner of the calidora from agristart, mine have been doing great, I haven't lost one yet. I'll be selling them this spring, which really hasn't arrived here yet! One thing, though, the plants only have one leaf when you get them, I didn't expect that...

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Singlejack(9 San Diego)

Keep them crowded they like the company

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I would like to know what causes alcoasia leaves to be "streaked" with yellow in the veins, even when I use a 10-10-10 fertilizer? is the fertilizer? too much iron or not enough?

I use the greenrite quick release granular fert.

this happens a lot to my plants.

I would like to have green leaves!
thanks to anyone who can help.

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