amorphophallus konjac

btropical256(7a Philadelphia PA)April 12, 2005

Ok i have a big ole konjac bulb about 3 pounds or so and its 6 inches across and is like a bowling ball as its completly rounded. I would of though it was going to bloom but it didnt and it has a shoot up 2 inches now with those roots growing out the sides and i think its ready to pot up the one question is what kind of pot should i use for this guy. a 18 inch pot good enough? I had it last year in a 10 inch pot which i pulled it out and it was a huge root ball basically the bulb itself and 30 or so offshoots. i probably will stick it in its pot outside to start as long as the weather allows it other wise i could bring it inside if theres coldness. Of coarse i will not water it as much until its really growing roots out. i dont really want to start it inside because for one its big and two it will get sunburn when its moved out because of the big sunlight change which could ruin the shoot.

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Brandon, just give it a pot where it has a lot of room on each side. That way it will have room to reproduce. My bulb is 11 lbs., and I am putting it in a half whisky barrel this year. Get the biggest pot you can. I'm sure it will be fine, even if the pot is a little too small. I don't put mine directly in the sun, but on the front porch where it can have some sun, and then some shade. If you want it to flower next year, fertilize it well. :) Arum

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