Is my black magic colocasia dead?

adamsmom(zone 7b WTenn)April 19, 2005

It came back fine last spring. Should it have made an appearance by now?


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peeper(z8B SC)

My black runner has come back but my black magic hasn't either. I have about thirty different kinds and some have and some are not even thinking about it. What you do is to try to see if you have firm tubers. if you do your fine if not than you can panic.

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The nice thing about the black magic colocasia is that there is another word for it - Taro, and you can buy tubers at asian markets or really good grocery stores that carry a lot of asian veggies. You can get a good tuber for $2 or $3, and if you're lucky, they'll have what is called "imperial taro", which is the green and black colocasia.


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