Down to a choice of 4 -- advice please

hoyess(z5 ON Can)February 3, 2007

Ok, I've spent days browsing the net for Rhodo pictures and information and think I have picked 4. I would like your thoughts since I am way new to Rhodo's (have one chinoides not doing well I think because it is in too deep a shade).

I want to mass some rhodo's under a Hawthorn grove in my back yard. Since the canopy of the hawthorns is low I'd like to keep to the smaller rhodo's say 3feet in size. I live in Zone 5 (between London and Toronto) and they will be in an exposed country yard although tucked among the trees.

My picks were:

Thunder to be massed with Northern Starburst (2 -3 of one and 3-5 of other) Would these look good together, give enough contract (the colour pics on the net have a huge array of colour). I think in my area both will bloom while the leaves are still burgundy and around the same time as the daffodils are blooming?

A mass of scintillation -- I get the impression this one will have green leaves in my area?

A specimen of Weston's Aglo. It looks so nice & open in an arching way I thought it would look nice alone.

If these would not provide nice contrast what would you suggest as a replacement for any / one of these?

by the way, here is where they will go:

Thanks very much


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bboy(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

For a less heavy and monotonous appearance use a small number of rhododendrons balanced by some shrubs with intermediate leaf sizes and a quantity of those with small leaves.

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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

Scintillation is not short and not as hardy. It will sunburn if it has too much sun. You probably don't want it.

 Besse Howells: could replace Scintillation. 3'. -20F, dense habit.

You have good plants with the Weston plants.

 Thunder: 3' tall in ten years, dense habit, hardy to -20F, blooms before mid season.

 Northern Starburst: 3' tall in ten years, dense habit, hardy to -25F, blooms early (may get niped with late frost)

 Weston's Aglo: 3' tall in ten years, open habit, hardy to -25F, blooms before mid season.

Aglo has open habit. A plant with dense compact habit is:

 Hudson Bay: a white. 3', -20F, dense habit, blooms before mid season.

Two other good and shorter plants are:

 Purple Gem is only 2' tall in 10 years, has dense habit and are hardy -20F.

 Ramapo is only 2' tall in 10 years, has dense habit and are hardy -25F.

Two great low plants that bloom before midseason.

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hoyess(z5 ON Can)

thanks rhodyman I'll look into Besse Howells and see if I can get it in my area. I like the idea of 3' as this is set back at the far back of my property.

bboy I was also planning on adding some fothergilla gardenii, mountain laurel, oregon grape holly and sweetspire in this area. Hopefully this will be a good combination.

Thanks again


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re Aglo, it does have VERY open habit, almost see-thru.
If that is what you want, than is fine.
If not, you may 'improve' it by slightly pruning it (in order to promote branching) at the young (in a first 2-4 years) age. Left to its own, it will look 'empty' in a 10 years, IMO.

I ditto Rhodyman's suggestion of Besse Howells.

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hoyess(z5 ON Can)

hmm, I get the idea I better take a close look at Anglo before I buy it. Thanks for the heads up. I'll take a copy of Rhodyman's list with me to the nursery this spring.

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