Hilo Beauty

cannacrazy(8 SC)April 24, 2009

I planted 3 Hilo Beauty plants last year in my semi-shade garden and they thrived well beyond my expectations. I did not lift them in the fall and now wonder if they will return this summer? Does anyone know? We are z7b to 8 and I've read they are hardy to 7b. I see no signs of life yet but it is quite early. Since I've also read that they could be related to the caladium, I could be in trouble because my caladiums never over-winter in the ground. I hope someone can give me some good news because I'd hate to lose these beautiful plants. Thanks!

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aroideana(Tropical Australia)

I can't help you with cold tolerance , but can confirm that it will be described as a Caladium in the near future . Damn and I was so sure it was a Xanthosoma ! If they grew to a good size there would be many offsets on the main tuber , hopefully some will remain . Dig them up in future .

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hightider(z8 NC)

Mine are just starting to come ou so be patient Hightider

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cannacrazy(8 SC)

I dug up the only Hilo I could find this morning and it's a bunch of tubers with roots. Some are mushy but some seem OK. Since I'm really not familiar with tubers, can anyone tell me what to do next to see if I can save this plant?
BTW, my 2 Black Magics are just now emerging but I've read they can be pretty cold hardy--unlike the Hilos.

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