IAS Show/Sale collaboration

bigdopeywhiteboy(z7 PacificNW)May 29, 2009

Greetings all from the Pacific Northwest! It's getting to be the time of year for folks to start making advance travel plans to secure bargain fares/rates etc. Figured I'd see who is likely or sure to be attending the IAS Show and Sale at Fairchild Gardens in September. For anyone who has any interest in plants, and has NOT attended.....ATTEND....for those who have, and will be again this year.....I'm looking at putting together a group or two to get together for the sharing of hotel suites, rental vehicle etc. to see if we can have a large turnout in spite of the economy.....I'll be arriving Wednesday or Thursday,the 16th/17th, staying til Monday,the 21st, and will have a rental auto-voiture.....

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Thanks for making this post about the annual IAS show! I'll be glad to see you again this year.

We just made reservations for four family members through Tavelocity and got the entire package for around $400 per person from Little Rock on American including 5 nights at the host hotel (Hotel Indigo Dadeland) and midsize car, You might give them a call.

See you in Septemer!

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bigdopeywhiteboy(z7 PacificNW)

Sounds like a great package deal......though I heard the only thing anybody grows in Arkansas is poke salat and turnip greens.....hehehe....(I'm of east Tennessee stock myself)......I figured if several of the folks coming in from out of state were to bunch up, we could share suites at the Indigo or nearby, and likewise share a rental car to lighten the load on all concerned.....make our own package deal of sorts.....free up loads of dinero for those rare plant purchases likely to occur.....

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Yep, that poke salad is popular around here but it is just a bit too bitter for me! My wife will eat it anytime!

I hope you find some fellow aroiders to share the expenses with you! The more folks that show up at the show the more aroids will go home with good collectors!

See you there!

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