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reptilegrrl(z9 Houston)May 19, 2006

Can anyone ID this plant for me? I think it's a type of taro, but I don't know what kind.

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Hello! This is Alocasia cucullata. It has several common names like Buddha's Heart, Hooded Alocasia, Hear fo Man, etc.

Hope this can help you;0)
Jorge Joel...
Emilia's Garden

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reptilegrrl(z9 Houston)

Thank you, Jorge! I found this plant growing as a volunteer in shady, soggy ground half-under a porch piling. When I dug it up, it had no corm and only a few stubby little roots. Now that I've moved it, it has grown a lot in leaf and root (I had to move it again so I know it has a lot of new root.)

I hope mine will grow a big fat corm like the ones I saw in my google search.

Thanks again!

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