Bulbifer to flower or not?

jardinerowaMay 9, 2013


I have a bulbifer corm that I got that was flowering size. It has a growth point and no root nubs since I got it over a month ago but does not look it has to blooms any time soon and it is already May.
There is however slight pink growths that look like mini fingers that appeared at the very base of the growth point. It doesn't look the root nubs that I've seen on my konjacs. Anyway, could it still bloom or do you think not this year? Thanks!


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Possible. Is your corm planted? If not, I suggest potting it into a plastic pot c drainage and watering one time. Plant as deep as corm is high. Do not water again until you see the spike break the surface. At that time, you should be able to tell if your plant is going to bloom.
If plant blooms, do not water. If plant produces a leaf, water profusely. Excess water should run off freely, leaving soil moist and not soggy. Feed and water often until Fall, or until you plant goes dormant.

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Thanks for the response. So the growing point started to go black and now it looks like it is not going to flower. :( The bulb is not rotten but I guess it will just put out a leaf this year. I guess I can just concentrate on watering it and fertilizing it well this year to hopefully get the corm as big as possible before digging up. Thanks!

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