Question regarding removing offsets from Amorphophallus corms

MadAboutCPs(Aust)May 23, 2005


What is the best way to remove offsets from species such as paeonifolius during dormancy? I accidentally broke an offset from the parent corm. Then i treated it with a fungicide called 'Mancozeb' as it was all I had at the time as to prevent infection. Anyone else had success with this product?

Some sites say severe, others mention breaking. Do they mean use a knife to perform a clean cut or can you just break them off? I would assume that the broken cuts heal themselves. Are these open woulnds prone to infection or am I able to plant it now?



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if they look as if they will remove easily, then you probably can. otherwise what another season before doing it. offsets can be a little sensitive and may dessicate because they are so small.

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