Anthurium Warocqueanum poor growth.

chris_e_ukMay 29, 2009

I have a fairly mature plant of Anthurium Warocqueanum that had leaves of about 2ft long when i bought it but it has gone downhill since I've had it.I bought from the same nursery that i have bought alot of my Anthuriums from and the rest are thriving but this particular species' leaves have just gotten smaller and smaller with each one although every other Anthurium that is grown in precisely the same way is doing great with regular huge leaves. Why is the Waroc' such a pain, I've had about 3 specimens of this plant now and they all grow poorly and the only Anthurium that does.

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asj2004(z5 NJ)

This aroid needs a lot of humidity or it will slowly degrade. You can read up on it.

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ASJ is correct. But in addition to humidity the species needs relatively low light due the species being a member of Anthurium section Cardiolonchium. Section Cardiolonchium includes Anthurium species with velutinous or velvet appearing leaf blades. Windy Aubrey in Hawaii has a large number of these plants with a large variation in the venation (vein structure) on the leaves. I'm told she grows them in both high humidity and fairly low light. The largest specimen I've personally seen has leaves close to 5 feet long and is housed in the collection at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, MO. They also grow their large specimen in relatively low light.

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Thanks everyone for your help, I will have to reconsider its position and conditions and I think I have just the place.


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