Central FLorida Farms

msbunny1(z7a TN)May 21, 2007

Has anyone here done business with this outfit?

Anyone have a phone number (their web site doesn't list one)?

I've sent in a total of three orders for Aroids, early this spring. I paid with Paypal each time. My Paypal history shows that the payments have been made.

I haven't received my plants, and the three times I've sent letters asking about the status of the orders, I get an auto-reply syaing they'll get back to me soon. Needless to say, they haven't.

I will probably post this on the vendor reviews forum, but since they are a specialty nursery, thought I'd post here first.


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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I haven't done business with them, but I thought 'they have aroids' hmm and googled them, and went right to the garden watchdog. Five entries with the same problem you have, and only one, from January of 2005, that was positive. Isn't paypal supposed to help you with this? I thought that was why they were worth having--protect both the customer and the seller from people who don't do right. I'd contact them. I've been fortunate myself and haven't had to, but I did understand they would help you. Let us know how this comes out!

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bihai(zone 9)

I think you can just reverse/cancel your pay pal payment and get reimbursed if you haven't received your plants. You can also file a complaint with Pay Pal and they will do it for you...if the person still has a paypal account that has funds in it, or a credit card on file like they have to have, they will charge their credit card to repay you

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msbunny1(z7a TN)

Thanks for the response. Alas, I learned about the Garden Watchdog *after* I had already sent the orders. I will contact Paypal, though.


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Really Bad Site. There only to cheat people

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file a report with paypal, first they will try to contact the vendor, paypal gives them a week or so for a response, after which you will be refunded your money

central fl farms is a non-existent entity, but the web-site paypal link continues to be functional despite numerous complaints, i don't get it

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msbunny1(z7a TN)

Thanks for reminding me to update.

I did file a claim. After two weeks, during which time there was no answer to the emails, I escalated and Paypal refunded my money.

Thanks to everyone here for the help.


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I got took by them too. They are a scam company. I had a friend who lives 30 mins from their farm go by the address and guess what!?! It is a trailer/RV Park and motel...no Farm. They have been scamming people for three years now. The guy's uncle lives in the RV park. Here is a place you can get more info on these people. http://davesgarden.com/products/gwd/c/4947/

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They are scam artists! I've been taken by them too...they got my money and I got no plants. Don't waste your time feeling sorry for them and their fake story people. They'll take you too if you choose to send them money.

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